Vendors - Piece of mind with an industry exclusive agreement to sell

Piece of mind with an industry exclusive agreement to sell.

In food as in fashion, trends change overnight, resulting in overstocks of perfectly good food that can no longer be sold to its originally intended market. These could be formula changes, packaging changes, or consumer standards are not met for size or appearance. No matter what, you have food that must be disposed but could still be perfectly good. At the same time, administrators responsible for feeding large groups and correctional facilities throughout America are looking for cost-effective ways to feed the growing population. Somerset has found a solution. You donâ™t have to waste the food or lose your profits. In fact, you can now collect profits thought not possible.

For over 45 years, we have been making it easier to eliminate warehouse problems of our vendors by shipping to extensive secondary markets worldwide, including federal, state, and county prisons across the US. Our in-house capabilities also enable us to package and re-label products for a whole new market. In doing so, we will protect your label. We will adhere to your companyâ™s guidelines and limitations. We protect the normal distribution of your product. Somerset will offer an exclusive guarantee that your products will only be distributed to the institutional market. You'll never have to worry that your overstocks will end up on a store shelf.

Our ability to purchase large quantities and store them in our two warehouse locations allow us to pass great savings on to our customers. Doing business with Somerset is a win-win proposition and we continue to develop innovative ways of helping our customers and vendors collectively. If you have product you think we might be interested in, please email us or call our food buyers.

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